The Key Features of a Multi-User Games Area Pitch

02 Jan

The MUGA pitch systems are designed to adapt to multiple sports. They are designed to have the right surface where various games can be played while enhancing player comfort. This may include hockey, recreational football and cricket among others. Different configuration options come along with the construction of the fields to fit different user requirements. Additionally, different colour lines are used to make a field a multi-sport area. During construction one or two layers are used depending on the thickness of the surface that is required.

MUGA Surface

Different types of MUGA surfaces are installed depending on both the price and the variety of games that are played in a certain field. The most popular are the Tarmacadam surfaces which are common in schools due to their low installation cost. They are used for various games such as tennis, basketball, and netball. They are mostly characterized by colour coatings which improve their general overlook. There are also 2G and 3G pitches which can be used for multi-sport activities. 2G pitches are commonly used for hockey whereas 3G is most suitable for rugby and football. Professionalism is required to ensure that installation of these pitches is done as required with the groundwork being done before the installation.

Types of MUGA pitches

Type 1 and 2- mostly consist two layers of macadam to ensure strength and stability. There are also coloured with anti-slip coatings for added grip. The surface is durable with a uniform texture to match all weather conditions.

Type 3 and 4- they are characterised by a polymeric surface finish with most of them having additional paint sprayed on them to enhance the playing ability. These polymeric MUGA’s are also suitable for wheelchair sports. The difference between the type 3 and type 4 polymeric is that type three has a thin surface as compared to the thick surface for type 4 MUGA’s.

Type 5- constructed from synthetic turf to enhance performance.


The MUGA pitches can be used to provide space for multi-sport activities even when there is limited space for construction. Players are protected against injuries and have access to optimal playing properties. Additionally, the pitches are easy to maintain hence suitable for most institutions.

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